NEMBOS 2011 Report

Thanks to Martin Edwards, Conrad Ellison & Jill Furphy, Neil Hymer & Barry Watson and Steve Watson for planning the events at Blanchland, Guisborough, Hamsterley and Wark while I planned the event in Teesdale. Thanks also to everyone who helped on the day and congratulations to the League winners who received their prizes atWarkForest.


M21 Kris Smith                     251

M40 Andy Conn                    299

M50 Graham Fielding            267

W50 Angela Brand Barker    229

M60 John Dixon                    251

W60 Karen Blackburn           187

Gen James & Richard Martin 217

The league will be repeated next year and all of the planners have agreed to have another go which is brilliant.

It would be great to see more riders in 2012 so please try to spread the word as all 5 areas are a pleasure to ride

Steve Willis


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