Teesdale MBO

Loups's Hill & Goldsborough
I checked 10 controls on the bridleways and estate tracks on Cotherstone Moor today and didn’t see a single other walker or cyclist. There was no traffic on the few roads I used and the landowners are all happy with the way the event went last year so have no problems with us returning in May. The tracks were surprisingly dry and the views were as stunning as usual. I will be checking the lanes and tracks around the reservoirs next week then the old railway line and Romaldkirk Moor when I get back from skiing. Don’t worry – you won’t have to carry your bikes up or down Holwick Scar this year.

1 thought on “Teesdale MBO

  1. Got back from the Alps last week so checked out the rest of the controls around the Teesdale reservoirs while warming up for the NYMBO event at Terrington. I had 2 more great rides and tagged the rest of the 20 controls. Landowners all happy and another 3 private tracks to use this year. It really is a beautiful but relatively unknown area only 20 minutes from the A1 at Scotch Corner. I hope you will be booking your maps for May 19th online soon

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