Kildale 2012 Bike O prep (June event)

After planning last year’s event from Guisborough Woods we’ve moved the start to Kildale this year and have made use of the lovely land rover tracks on the moor getting over as far as Bloworth Crossing.  In planning the event we’ve ridden tracks that we haven’t done for years and have really enjoyed the beautiful scenery and great biking, we hope you do too!

Jens weaved his mapping magic and Steve gave us some good advice so it was just a matter of adding the final touches and final tinkering today.

We’ve just got back from a fantastic dry and sunny afternoon doing our final recce (yes – dry and sunny and it’s only May !).

We’ve managed to get the use of a private track on the moor and walked it this afternoon.  It’s a really good track so we’re really pleased.  We thankfully checked one of the other paths that we were going to use and an hour of splodging through bogs later we have decided to mark it out of bounds.


1 thought on “Kildale 2012 Bike O prep (June event)

  1. Never entered anything like this before, looking forward to it. Any tips or advice will be gratefully received.

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