Kildale Results & Reports

Kildale results

Planners’ comments

We decided to plan the event from Kildale as it gave us an excuse to go further south than we did last year at the Guisborough Moor event.  We hadn’t ridden some of the tracks round Baysdale, Hograh Moor and Arnmouth Wath for years so it was good to visit them again.

We were very lucky to get the use of the private track from the Esklets down to the Westerdale road courtesy of the Rosedale and Westerdale Estate as the bridlepath in that area is poor.   A big thank you to the Estate for giving us permission for the day.

Putting the controls out on Friday brought with it driving rain, thunder, lightning and 10 minutes of sunshine.

For the event itself a strong southerly wind greeted us in Kildale meaning that all riders faced a hard slog heading up to Baysdale and Westerdale.  All riders returned covered in mud and sand and resembling drowned rats but with smiles on their faces. 

A big thank you to Steve Willis and Jens for their advice and support and for Jens for producing an excellent map that took a great deal of effort to prepare as most of the Baysdale tracks don’t look anything like what is shown on the OS maps of the area.

Thank you to Kildale Village Hall for letting us use the hall for the event.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped collect the controls after a severe 4 hour beating by the elements – Andrew and Stuart Dickens, Christine and Ralph, John Rawden, Graham Fielding and family and Richard and James Martin.

Finally, a big thank you to the members of Guisborough MTB who took part in the event.  I’ve just had a look at their website and they are all positive about the event.  Next stop Boltby and Silton on the 14th of July.

Jill and Conrad

Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Conrad and Jill for a great course and Jens for another quality map. Pity the weather was typical of this summer but everyone seemed to enjoy the terrain and tracks despite the cool, wet and windy conditions. The course went further south than last year so that we could reach the old railway line for some fast riding. There wasn’t an obvious optimum route and Andy Conn said he had never spent as long at the start working out which way to go. However, he still got it right to outscore everyone else. Graham Fielding wasn’t pleased with his route but was only 30 points behind Andy and well ahead of the other M50’s. Karen Blackburn was the highest scoring female rider while Chris & Ralph Defty scored well as the only mixed team. Congratulations to the Vesty’s who just managed to beat the Martin’s by 5 points. It was great to see a number of Guisborough riders who will hopefully be back next month. I’ll add a few more comments when John has had chance to update the league points.
I enjoyed my ride despite the weather as I hadn’t ridden in this area for a few years. It brought back memories of White Rose, Lyke Wake walks and the Cleveland Way – but the weather always seemed to be better then or was it my imagination? I also decided to ride the private track through Esklets as Conrad had gained permission for one day only from the landowner – and it was worth the effort.
Hopefully we will see you at the next NYMBO event in Silton & Boltby Forest on July 14th or the next NEMBOS event at Hamsterley Forest on August 11th.
PS There are still maps available for the New Inn at Eccup near Harewood House on Tuesday evening so please enter online tonight or send an email to

Full results on Eborienteers with splits here


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