Hamsterley Results

Only 37 riders but a great course in a dry but hilly forest

Hamsterley results
Splits available at http://www.eborienteers.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/11/index.html
Thanks to Neil Hymer and Barry Watson for planning another excellent course. They decided to stay in the forest this year as there aren’t many bridleways outside the forest boundary. However, the forest isn’t large enough for a 4 hour event so they decided to split the course into 2 parts and, from the comments received, it seemed to go well.
Thanks as always to Jens for another excellent map (and I’m glad he has produced the map for next month’s Polaris), to Karen Blackburn and John Dixon at registration and to John Rawden and Mick Brough who helped to collect in the controls. I was back home in time to watch Mo Farrah!!
I enjoyed my ride as the forest was much drier than last year – and the weather was a marked improvement on June and July. I only rode the first half map as I wanted to get back in time for the early finishers. However, I forgot to clear my dibber after I used it to check that the computer was set up correctly for download so I have estimated my splits. A couple of riders had problems with #47 but I think it was in exactly the right place. Other riders had problems with #37 as the wire had been threaded through the block twice. Please let me know if your dibber didn’t register and I can adjust your score.
Two riders injured themselves on the course but fortunately they weren’t too serious although both needed treatment at hospital. Maggie McPhillips drove herself to hospital despite catching her calf in the chain ring and was back in time to see Mark come back with the highest score of the day. Karen Clark went over the handlebars and was fortunate to only dislocate a finger. Fortunately she was with Steve Roberts who was able to get her back to the car park, drive to hospital then drive home. Hopefully she will be fit for Malham. (2 other casual riders weren’t so lucky as they both broke limbs and needed ambulances to get to hospital).
Congratulations to Mark on an excellent score of 444 points just 11 ahead of Tim Evans and 12 ahead of Conrad Ellison in M40. Tim and Conrad will have to compete again at Wark to decide who comes second to Andy Conn in the league. John Rawden won M50 to move up to 2nd in the league but still probably too many points behind Graham Fielding. Ray Morriss beat John Dixon by 10 points to take the lead in M60 by less than 1 point. Max and Martin Vesty scored well again in the Generation category to extend their lead over Richard and James Martin. Karen Blackburn was the only competitive female rider so overtakes Jill Furphy in the women’s section. Karen Clark and Steve Roberts scored enough points before the accident to overtake Steve & Andrea Foster in X50. Plenty of classes to be sorted out at the final event in Wark Forest on Sunday, 2nd September. It’s an early start but hope to see you there.

There are 3 more events this month so please enter online or send me an email.
Wednesday 15th August Hambleton Inn, Sutton Bank
2 hour NYMBO Summer evening Score event on the Hambleton Hills
Saturday, 25th August Malham Moors
4 hour NYMBO League event and part of the Malham Show
Monday, 27th August Wykeham & Broxa Forest
3 hour NYMBO League event and part of the White Rose Weekend
Hope to see you at another event soon.
Steve Willis
PS Don’t forget that the Polaris is in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday/Sunday 22nd/23rd September and there will be 5 options – 7&5 hours with overnight camp, 5&4 hours without overnight camp, 4 hours on Saturday or 3 hours on Sunday, 40/20k fixed routes on Saturday and 30/15k fixed routes on Sunday. Plenty of choice for all abilities so why not enter and Jens has drawn the map!!


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