Allendale Comments

Martin Edwards had done an excellent job planning the course and checking controls and tracks in atrocious weather – then amending his course last weekend due to the remaining snowdrifts. He move 8 controls from the south east quarter of the map into the valley but there was still no chance that even Andy Conn was going to clear up. So, first thanks to Martin for gaining access again to many private estate tracks and planning, then replanning an excellent course. Jens produced another excellent map, Allendale village hall was an excellent event centre and 38 brave riders made the journey to this cracking area.

Allendale 2013 (6)
Unfortunately the wind really made riding difficult for everyone and ended up with David Cowgill in Hexham Hospital. He had a dislocated shoulder and chipped bone but no hypothermia thanks to Phill Collings giving up his ride to stay with him until the ambulance arrived.
Andy Conn was the highest scorer again but Graham Fielding’s winter training would have paid off if he had found 52 and not wasted 10 minutes looking for it! Ray Morriss won M60, Andrea and Geoff were the first mixed team and Nicki Barron was leading lady in her first NEMBOS event.
Despite the poor weather all the riders enjoyed the tracks around Allendale but, unless there are more riders at the next 4 NEMBOS events, it will not be possible to continue the series next year. The next event is at Swaledale on May 12th so I hope you can make it – and bring more friends with you. Please advertise the event in your local shops and on your group forums/facebook etc by printing off the poster and fliers on the this web  site.
Hope to see you at the Dales Bike Centre in May or at the NYMBO event in Cropton Forest on Saturday 20th April


1 thought on “Allendale Comments

  1. Thanks Martin for managing to make a challenging event with the area below the snow line.
    Hope David mends quickly and is soon back on the bike.
    Even windier here today, but the sun is due to shine at Cropton….

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