Swaledale North Map without controls now available

Here’s the map of next weekend’s event without the controls to give you an idea of the terrain and where the start/finish is. We’d welcome any feedback on whether you like this feature, please either on this post or talk to Steve at the event.

It’s a big file so may take a little time to download when you click on the picture.

Swaledale North Map

Swaledale North without Controls


2 thoughts on “Swaledale North Map without controls now available

  1. We have got 50 pre-entries and online entries are now closed. If you still want to ride please send an email to nembosevents@btinternet.com As usual, there will be 10 spare maps for entry on the day. The weather forecast isn’t too good so don’t be travelling too light – 12-14C and showery with a brisk south westerly wind. I was checking some controls yesterday for the July event wishing that I’d put my winter kit on. Still a brilliant area so hope to see you there. I’ve got 4 control collectors already but another couple would be useful. Any offers?

  2. I’ve had a great day putting out all 30 controls so everything is ready for tomorrow. Th forecast is a sunny morning and cloudy afternoon but not as windy and should stay dry until 6pm. Hope to see you there

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