Swaledale North Comments

It was great to see 63 riders setting off from the Dales Biking Centre yesterday (and all coming back 4 hours later). It was the best turnout for a NEMBOS event yet and I wonder why because it definitely wasn’t the weather. Unfortunately, it was cool wet and windy again unlike the bank holiday weekend but there was still some impressive scoring and happy faces. Congratulations to Graham Fielding on winning overall (at least he got the same score as Andy Conn but wasn’t late)!! Kris Smith won M21 and Adrian Baskerville won M60. Teresa Billington was the leading lady with Andrea & Geoff winning the mixed categories and the Vesty’s first Generation pair again. Unfortunately, there were a few riders who finished late incurring some high penalties so hope it didn’t put them off.
Thanks to Stuart and Brenda and the staff at the Dales Bike Centre for making us welcome. Thanks also to the 3 gamekeepers for not objecting to this event in the nesting season and even allowing us to use some private tracks. Thanks to Jens for another excellent map, Karen for registration and Adrian for download and the 6 control collectors who got very wet – John R, Andy, Stu, John D, Sam & Paul, Phill. It meant that I only had to collect the taped route and 4 controls on Barningham Moor so was back home for Sunday dinner at 7.30.
I enjoyed planning the event once I could get out onto the bridleways but many of them were still very soft which is why there was more road riding than normal. It’s a rarely visited  area and there are plenty more bridleways further north so I intend to use the Barningham Moors again in 2014 with all of the controls in County Durham. I also enjoyed putting out the controls on Saturday except for the sleet in the Stang forest – and it was the same when Phill collected the control on Sunday. Here is the map. 

2013 Swaledale North 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 28th April

The next NEMBOS event is at Kildale on Sunday June 9th (3 hours) and the next NYMBO event is at Ingleton on Saturday 25th May (5 hours)
Good luck to Dave Robertson and Danny Chan who have hopefully finished the 3rd day out of 16 on LeJog.
I have posted a series of social rides on the webpages instead of the Summer MBO Score events as they were so poorly attended last year. The first one is at the Black Horse in Tollerton near Easingwold on Thursday 30th May. Old maps will be available for £1 and riders can plan their own routes or set off in groups on 10,15 or 20 mile routes at 6.30.
We will be back at the Dales Biking Centre on July 27th for a 5 hour NYMBO event but on the south side of Swaledale. They also have a 5 hour anytime challenge on a permanent MBO Score course with 40 controls that I put out last year. Could be good training.
Hope to see you at another NEMBOS or NYMBO event soon.


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