Hamsterley results now available

You can find the results and splits for today’s Hamsterley Forest event here nembos.mountainbikeorienteering.org.uk


1 thought on “Hamsterley results now available

  1. With only 1 NEMBO event left (ever?) the league positions are falling into place.

    Max and Martin Vesty are secure leaders in the Generation class.

    Young Edwyn Oliver-Evans might pip Rik Thompson in M21 with any reasonable score at Wark.

    Andy Conn is, not unexpectedly, top of M40 – and everyone else too, with a perfect 300!

    Graham Fielding has top spot in M50 but 2nd place is tight between John Rawden and Tim Evans.

    Ray Morriss is leading M60 with a score superior to many of his juniors. John Dixon is a poor second (LOL) with a few contenders vying for 3rd place.

    Many of the ladies classes and mixed pairs are undersubscribed but Angela Brand-Barker, Karen Blackburn and Paul & Samantha Leight have done well in their respective classes.

    So, congratulations to everyone who has taken part in the series, and who might have done better if only …….

    See you at Wark?

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