Hamsterley Map and Comments

2013 Hamsterley 25000 Working Drawing with Controls 5th August

Thanks to Neil Hymer for planning another excellent course and putting out the controls with Barry & Steve. Thanks to Karen & John for helping with Registration and Download so that I could get a ride and to John Rawden, Michael Brough, Sam & Paul Leight who helped to collect the controls so that I was home by 6.30. Thanks also to Jens for another excellent map. There have been a few changes which need to be added to the map file but I hope you noticed the accuracy of the single track which Neil updated using GPS.
Neil planned the course at just the right length with Andy Conn not quite being able to clear up. Congratulations to Edwin who was only 15 points behind but more importantly 30 points ahead of his Dad. Max & Martin posted another excellent score, Ray won the battle of the M60’s, Andrea & Geoff outscored Karen & Steve while Karen was the only solo female rider. John Dixon will update the league so comments about that when they are posted and we will see which categories are still to be decided at Wark.
I thoroughly enjoyed my ride once I worked out how to use the gears on John Dixon’s spare bike. (My son-in-law has borrowed mine)! I just planned to link together some of the singletrack so enjoyed the route down from 48 to 31 until I got a puncture, enjoyed the track after 37 but didn’t have time to ride the section from 53.
Just one comment about navigation although I’m not going to check who it was!! Those riders who took the route from the road corner at Maryland Gate to #37 need to check the map more carefully in future. Unless the law has changed, I don’t think it is acceptable to follow a fence, parish and FC boundary!! Just for you, it has now been marked as OOB!  
After 3 years, Neil doesn’t want to plan an event next year and we are getting to know Hamsterley rather too well. Also, with only 33 riders, the league isn’t viable so it is possible that the Wark event will be the last NEMBOS event ever. If so, I may extend the NYMBO league to 11 events next year without extra events in the summer holidays – apart from Malham and the White Rose. Please let me know what you think?
Simple results have been posted below and splits available on the NEMBOS web page.
PS Someone left a pair of clear wrapround glasses. Are they yours?
Next NYMBO events at Malham on August 24th and Ampleforth on August 26th. Final NEMBOS event at Wark on September 7th.
Hope to see you there


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