Wark Forest Comments & Map

Wark Forest Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to Steve Watson for planning another excellent course, Jens for another excellent map and the helpers as ever for making the event run smoothly – especially the control collectors – Steve, Jim Imber, John Rawden, Adrian Baskerville, Clive Parkinson, Barry Philipson & Crispin Hoult. John Rawden also helped put controls out on Saturday with John Dixon, Steve & Jim. This meant that I could turn up at 8.00 for a full English breakfast at Stonehaugh Social Club which I thoroughly enjoyed but regretted later.

The Social Club made an excellent event centre with refreshments before and after the event. Congratulations to the category winners – Bryan Singleton (M40) was the overall leader with 433 points on a rare foray over the Pennines, John Rawden (M50) 385, Max & Martin Vesty (G) 375 and 3rd overall, Carl Poulter (M21) 370, Angela Brand-Barker (W50) 340 and first woman, Adrian Baskerville (M60) 325, Andrea Foster & Geoff Moorhouse (X50) 280.

Although we have ridden in Wark regularly for the last 5 years Steve had added new areas to the competition map and altered enough locations and values to create a different emphasis. The map nearly reached Kielder Water so some of the views from the ridges were magnificent in the glorious Autumn sunshine. I was able to enjoy a full 4 hour ride for a change with John Dixon looking after Download. I decided to go round anti-clockwise so that I rode down Chirdon Moor then got to the northern cluster of controls. It was well worth it but I was well off the pace of the leading riders.

We held the prizegiving at 3.30 thanks to John Dixon’s efficiency with the results and the generous sponsorship of Muddybums for the tee shirts and cut-price engraving from Chris Lightfoot. Unfortunately, there were only 12 people there, which sums up my dissatisfaction with the NEMBOS league. The planners have done an excellent job over the last 3 years and the riders have enjoyed the courses but the numbers at 3 of the events do not justify the effort that the planners have put into each event. Unless we can think of ways which will encourage more riders to enter, I won’t be willing to organise a NEMBOS League next year. It is more likely that I will extend the NYMBO league to 11 events including a couple of events around Guisborough and Richmond. There is also the chance that the OMM Bike/Polaris might be heading to the north east next year.

Full results are here and the competition map is below if you couldn’t make it to the event and want to follow anyone’s route.

2013 Wark 40000 Working Drawing with Controls 3rd September

The next NYMBO events are a 3 hour MBO Score event in Dalby Forest on Saturday 21st September followed by the annual Moors Marathon on Sunday. The event centre is at the Fox & Rabbit on the A169 5 miles north of Pickering this year where camping is available both nights.

Cheers, Steve


2 thoughts on “Wark Forest Comments & Map

  1. Steve

    Would have been there but for the Isle of Man End2End. Only been to Wark once, was ill last year but really enjoyed the riding there year before. Camp site also really good please don’t bin it even if you scrap NEMBOS. Would love to go back next year.


  2. Well done at the Isle of Man. I enjoyed Wark but can’t afford to put these events on for only 34 riders. Hopefully it will continue as a Scottish event but there is unlikely to be a NEMBOS league next year.

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